Zachary R. Lee obtained his BS in chemistry and minor in mathematics from Georgia Southern University in the Fall of 2015. He performed undergraduate organic chemistry research which involved the mechanistic studies of the iodohydration of terminal alkynes. He also performed computational astrochemistry research that involved the prediction and design of stable molecules in the interstellar. In the Summer of 2015, Zachary performed computational studies on lanthanide tetrafluoride complexes as a part of the NSF REU program at the University of Alabama. His current graduate research involves the computational determination of the properties of high oxidation state actinide fluoride complexes as well as the computational investigation of DMOF and MOF-2 nanoclusters in an effort to understand and reduce their subsequent degradation by atmospheric flue gases. The MOF research is done in collaboration with many groups from the Georgia Institute of Technology as a part of an energy frontier research center (EFRC) known as the Center for Understanding and Control of Acid Gas-Induced Evolution of Materials for Energy (UNCAGE-ME).




Zachary R. Lee
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